Office Staff

Mr. David Andriano, Principal

Mrs. Deanne Young, Secretary

Mrs. Beth Robards, Secretary

Family Reading Night

Regular Schedule

8:15   Front Doors Open For Entrance/Breakfast

8:35   Students Released to Classrooms

8:45   School Day Begins

12:00   3rd Grade Lunch

12:35   5th Grade Lunch

1:10   4th Grade Lunch

3:40   End of Day Announcements

3:45   Dismiss 4th Grade Car Riders/Walkers 

3:47   Dismiss 3rd Grade Car Riders/Walkers

3:49   Dismiss 5th Grade Car Riders/Walkers

3:51   All Bus Riders Not already dismissed to Cafeteria

*  Students riding buses will be dismissed to load as their bus arrives between 3:45 and 4:05


News From the Principal

January 16th marks the end of the quarter and report cards will follow on the 22nd.  With school resuming on January 5th, it is very important for students to return ready for final testing and finishing in a strong fashion for the semester.  With the end of the semester, we will again look at grades for determining tutorial eligibility at each grade level. 


Weather permitting we will go outside for recess.  If a student is not dressed properly, they will not be able to go outside.  Fresh air and movement are our main goals for our students at recess.  Keeping them dressed properly will help in reaching our goals and keeping your child healthy and warm.


This is the time of the school year when all of us here at West are doing our very best to keep the focus of our students on academics.  When you look up the word focus in the dictionary, there are several different definitions that are listed.  One of them is, “to cause to be concentrated.”  We definitely want our students to concentrate on their studies.  Another is, “…a center of activity of interest.”  That one might work also.  The one I like best, however, is, “…adjustment for clear vision.”  What can we do to help our students constantly make the adjustments necessary to maintain a primary focus on education?


Keeping a strong focus on something important is not always easy for us to do as adults.  Without a doubt, it is difficult for our students as well.  In spite of that, we must do everything we possibly can to continue working together, the school and the home, to help each of our students maintain their focus on academic success.  If we continue to focus on this alliance, and if we continue to realize that there is much, much more that unites us than divides us, we can get the job done!  Our students we all care so much about will come out on top. We want all students to enjoy all the different activities in which they participate, but at the same time we need to help them maintain their primary focus – ACADEMICS!  We cannot do it alone.  Help us!  Work with us!  Because if you do, there is no doubt in my mind that we can get it done together!

Mr. David Andriano

West Principal