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News From the Principal


March has certainly been a crazy month with relation to the weather.  There is no question that our students and staff are energized by our spring break and the brief respite of the rigors of school.  Everyone is refreshed and ready to finish the year strong as the warm weather begins to call.

It is important at this time of year that we continue to help students maintain a strong focus on academics.  As the temperatures begin to warm up and the sun shines longer, it is natural for all of us to get the proverbial “spring fever.”  We still have a few months of school remaining, however, and our teachers are still hard at work preparing your child for the demands of the next grade level.  All of us here at West want to do everything we can to assist our students and families in this regard.  Let us know if you have any specific suggestions regarding your son or daughter that might help his/her academic focus be maintained.  I hope you enjoyed your spring break, and welcome back for the “home stretch” of our school year!

Mr. David Andriano

West Principal