Fri, February 12, 2016

Office Staff

Mr. David Andriano, Principal

Mrs. Deanne Young, Secretary

Mrs. Beth Robards, Secretary

Regular Schedule

8:15   Front Doors Open For Entrance/Breakfast

8:35   Students Released to Classrooms

8:45   School Day Begins

12:00   3rd Grade Lunch

12:35   5th Grade Lunch

1:10   4th Grade Lunch

3:43 End of Day Announcements

3:45   Dismiss 4th Grade Car Riders/Walkers 

3:47   Dismiss 3rd Grade Car Riders/Walkers

3:49   Dismiss 5th Grade Car Riders/Walkers

3:51   All Bus Riders Not already dismissed to Cafeteria

*  Students riding buses will be dismissed to load as their bus arrives between 3:45 and 4:05


News From the Principal

It is hard to believe third quarter progress reports are being sent home shortly on the 19th.  If only we could get the weather to cooperate with the quarters!  So far, our students have been able to maintain a strong academic focus.  This has traditionally been a hard time for students to maintain achievement as spring activities get underway.  We are proud of their accomplishments as they have been preparing to show what they know for PARCC testing in April.


With the changes in testing from the Illinois State Board of Education, these tests will again provide a baseline for the future.  Students will only be taking one round of tests this year.  You can find detailed information on these tests on our district website. 


As spring approaches, I sincerely hope that things are going well for you and your student(s) also. The 2015-16 school year has brought about many changes and challenges for both our students and teachers.  We hope you stay actively involved in the process of educating your child as well.  It is truly impossible for us to meet the educational challenges of our modern society without the active assistance and participation of our parents.  We need to work together as a team for the well being of your child, both academically and otherwise.  If we maintain that as our focus, I believe we can overcome any obstacle that might prevent him/her from succeeding.  Here’s to hoping for an early spring!


Mr. David Andriano

West Principal